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Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza – Central hall
Paseo del Prado, 8. www.museothyssen.org

Doppelgänger is a travelling piece comprising several choreographic capsules that play with the idea of a double and how time changes. Two of them are offered within the Ellas Crean festival: Doppel-Leo are two camouflaged bodies that constantly separate and merge in a dialogue between similarity and difference; Doppel-Xake are two bodies absorbed in a game of chess that lose the notion of time as they play. As observers watch, look away, then watch again, the action continues.

Approximate duration: Doppel-Leo: 13 min.  Doppel-Xake: 15 min.


After an extensive career as dancer and choreographer, Olatz de Andrés created the Lŏkke company, with the idea of establishing a permanent structure for choreographic development.  Lŏkke is a place inhabited by what is possible, an imaginary space in an undefined direction. Its artistic proposals aim to create unusual choreographic situations, relating stillness with movement and playing with the tension that exists between what is individual and what is collective.


Idea and direction: Olatz de Andrés
Creation and performance: Pilar Andrés, Natalia G. Muro
Photography: Kiñuka
Production: Vanessa Fuentes
Support from: Department of Culture, Basque Government
Artistic residencies: La Fundición, Harrobia, Arropaineko Arragua.

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