OECUMENE (site-specific version)

Muriel Romero


SAT. 18.07 – 12.00 and 13.30

Museo Arqueológico Nacional – Lobby
c/ Serrano, 13.  www.man.es

Free admission, limited space.

Oecumene is a piece of dance and interactive music that reflects on the place of individuals in the world, with their senses and awareness stretching beyond the limits of their geographical origin and their original cultural identity. Oecumene is a term that stems from the Alexandrian ideal of cosmopolis: the world inhabited as a single unit, as the common possession of civilised humanity made up of free women and men. In this work, a dancer interacts and transforms in real tempo a sound world made up of thousands of voices from all over the planet, a musical reflection of today’s transcultural syncretism. A way of seeing the planet through our moving body and an overview of the wealth and complexity of the world when experienced sensorially via the body.

Approximate duration: 10 min.

Founded and led by Muriel Romero and Pablo Palacio, Instituto Stocos is a company that focuses on the transfer of concepts between art and science. Investigation and works devised in this field include, in a staged context, abstractions taken from other disciplines such as artificial intelligence, biology, mathematics and experimental psychology. Acusmatrix, Catexis, Stocos, Double Bind, Neural Narratives1: Phantom Limb, Neural Narratives2: Polytopya and Piano & Dancer are works that have been presented in numerous events and in theatres in Spain and other countries. They develop the interaction between body movements, sound and visual images. Instituto Stocos receives support from the European Union in both cultural and H2020 research and innovation programmes.


Choreography and performance: Muriel Romero
Music: Pablo Palacio
Software and interactive technology: Pablo Palacio and Daniel Bisig
Lighting: Juan Carlos Gallardo
Production: Instituto Stocos

Support: European Union (H2020), Beirut Citern, Infomus- Casa Paganini- Universitá de Genova (Italy) and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Switzerland)


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