María Pagés and El Arbi El Harti: FRONTERAS

SAT 21.03 – 19:00

Teatro Josep Carreras
c/ Oviedo, s/n. Fuenlabrada.

Free admission, limited seating.

Under the direction and with staging by María Pagés and El Arbi El Harti, twenty-five women from Fuenlabrada and six dancers from the Compañía María Pagés present the result of the workshops held at the María Pagés Choreography Centre in Fuenlabrada.

Fronteras is a festive, playful, empathetic and collective project on the tension and violence generated by real and fictitious, specific and symbolic limits and the resulting aggression for human awareness, freedom and independence. The work stems from the ideal of resistance and the human will to live, inescapable and constant expressions of mankind and in art. Fronteras, devised by a women for women, tells the story through flamenco choreography of life as a vocation for the rejection of mediocrity, the right to seek happiness, a metaphor for the future, and as the incarnation of serene dialectics concerning what we are now and what we will become, the insistence that we take hold of our destiny.

What is striking about creation at the María Pagés Choreography Centre in Fuenlabrada is how, in choreographic brushstrokes, it brings together people’s multifaceted realities, with staging, dance, and musical and poetical movement becoming an organic metaphor for life and an ethical attitude indicating that one of the best ways of living is to reject banality through love of empathy, collaboration and the sharing of experiences and wisdom.


Direction and staging: María Pagés and El Arbi El Harti
Choreography, costume design, musical direction: María Pages
Music: Rubén Levaniegos, María Pagés
Lyrics: El Arbi El Harti, María Pagés
Lighting: Pau Fullana
Sound design: Kike Cabañas
Dancers: 25 women from Fuenlabrada and 6 dancers from the Company
Singers: Ana Ramón and Sara Corea
Guitar: Isaac Muñoz
Percussion: Chema Uriarte
Violoncello: Sergio Menen

Project: Centro Coreográfico María Pagés de Fuenlabrada / Fundación María Pagés / Concejalía de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada / Concejalía de Feminismo y Diversidad del Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada

Centro Coreografía Maria Pagés

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