MON. 28.09

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Museo Sorolla
c/ General Martínez Campos, 37.
Free admission, limited space.

Two persons on their chairs and a silent gesture-based dialogue. Las sillas is the first fragment of the complete work named Argh! A determination to be, to breathe and to play in the place we occupy, aware that anything repeated is always experienced in a different way. A time and space for imagining and feeling, for moving and for creating bonds. Everything is relevant – nuance, difference, the other space, its sound, contagion, discovery, accident, convergence and synchrony. Conflict in any of its forms.

Approximate duration: 10 min.

Blanca Arrieta is a choreographer, dancer and collaborator in many contemporary creations. She received her training at the London Contemporary Dance School/The Place. In 2000, after working as an independent performer for several choreographers and companies in Spain, England and Ireland, she began to explore her own choreographic language, initially by focusing on how movement and gesture relate. Since then, she has focused on her own creations and has produced a variety of works that have been performed in Spain, Europe, Canada and the United States.


Concept and choreographic direction: Blanca Arrieta
Creation and performance: Pilar Andrés, Robert Jackson
Original music: Itziar Madariaga
Photography: Juan Félix Ruiz
Collaboration: CDART, ZAWP, Harrobia, Mano de Santa / Espacio creativo y polivalente

Project subsidised by the Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government

museo sorolla

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